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Mon, Mar 4, 2019 8:41 AM

Lightroom CC: Sync stuck - Is it network speed? No way to know without progress bar

TL;DR - My .NEF files won't upload despite leaving to sync overnight on Windows 10 Microsoft SurfaceBook everything up to date. 

I live in northern Africa; our embassy provides a wifi service for our home which, sadly, includes a cheap modem/router combo. As such, the network speed at best runs about 2 - 4 mbs. It's awful and there is nothing I can do to change it.

My .NEF and RAW files are typically 10+ mbs per file; I ran LRCC all night sitting next to the router and it didn't upload a single of the 193 files I was trying to sync. 

I can't tell if the the fault lies in the glacial pace of my wifi, or the files themselves are .. corrupt? I don't know. 

The advice I anticipate might be something to the effect of 'delete said files and re-import them to LR. As you might imagine, I'm looking to sync these files after hours of editing, and therefore am hesitant to lose that work all for the sake of testing one theory of the syncing issue. 

I truly wish I could see a progress bar or, better yet, a percentage indicator per file - ex:
file _DSC0129.NEF 58% 5.83mbs/10.01mbs 
or what-have-you.

I hope to hear some good news from anyone. Thanks.


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2 years ago

Hi there. I really feel for you. 

I can suggest you grab a copy of Ookla from here. and try and test your speeds for your connection. You may be surprised at how slow your link really is.

Also, Adobe is notoriously slow with syncing. I'm sure their network has problems too.

if you click on the Cloud icon on the top right, there is a small display there showing how much of your allotted space you have used, and that would be the ideal place to put a progress bar. But nothing there yet...

Other than that, I don't think you are going to have much success at such low speeds.



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2 years ago

I relate to this as I am in Uganda and really I think you will find it's the internet connection. It may go through several 'filters'... that slow or block content. It's not a free world.
However I suggest you tray routing it through your phone with data loaded as an experiment to see if the phone network is faster, here it usually is...