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Mon, Apr 16, 2018 11:09 AM


Lightroom CC should recognize Micro SD Card Slot on Devices (e.g. Chromebook)

I am an avid Lightroom Classic CC user on my laptop and desktop but I just bought a Chromebook to use as a laptop and loaded Lightroom CC app on to it.  The Chromebook only has a Micro SD slot and not the regular SD slot. Many devices appear to be going in this direction (including tablets).  From what I can tell, Lightroom CC does not recognize the Micro SD slot as an SD slot (the option to turn it on in the preferences is "greyed" and can't be activated).  I tried using a Micro SD converter that accepts a standard SD card to plug into the Micro SD port but it still doesn't work.  I think I can do a "work around" and send the photos from the SD card to the Chromebook internal storage and then have Lightroom CC import those images, but it just seems like an unnecessary step - considering Adobe goal with Lightroom family is to streamline the storage and editing process.

Doing some research, it seems like many tablet and Chromebook users are experiencing similar frustrations and disappointments. Especially where it seems many devices are moving toward installing Micro SD slots rather than standard SD slots.

So it would be very helpful in future updates and releases in the Lightroom CC family if they recognized the Micro SD slot as a source to import files.

Happy to discuss further with you.  

dan less
danless06 [at]

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3 years ago

This sounds like a limitation of the Chromebook, not Lightroom CC. Lightroom CC on the iPad has the same limitation. You need to import images to the camera roll first, you can't use a SD card reader directly. I don't think there is much Adobe can do about that unless Apple changes this restriction.

Johan W. Elzenga,