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Sun, Dec 23, 2018 2:23 PM



Lightroom 8.1: Update Ruins EOS R White balance

Please see forum tread:
It all explains the issue

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Lightroom/Camera Raw: Canon EOS R white balance problem




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2 years ago

It appears Adobe added new v2 camera profiles for the EOS R and implemented the 8.1 upgrade to "automatically" replace the original assigned profile with the new v2 profile. In the past when v2 camera profiles were added in a LR update the user had to "manually" assign the v2 profile to help prevent things like this from happening! One solution is to rollback to LR 8.0 and ACR 11.0 and wait for Adobe to remove the profile "hijack" in a later update or provide v3 profiles.

The proper solution is for Adobe to provide an update that does not automatically apply new v2 camera profiles to currently imported image files as done in the past.