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Sun, Jul 21, 2013 10:28 AM

Lightroom 4.4.1 - raw develoment versus camera raw

Im working with lightroom 4.4.1. My camera is a panasonic FZ200. Most of the time i do my photos using th raw - format.
Special photos made at night with lightning shows i get no good result comparing the photo in JPG, witch was developed by my camera, with the raw format.
Specially this is shown in the high lights with the colorrange purple to blue.

All information and perhaps some suggestions from a forum member you will see under

The original raw and jpg are on a share - see

In the meantime I had a chat with an adobe technican and he says, that lightroom works as disign but he will put the case to the next level with adobe.

Thanks for your comments.


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8 years ago

I have also confirmed that LR 4.4.1 is not properly processing the Panasonic FZ200 RW2 raw file highlight areas in the above example. Much of the color shifted areas in question are not clipped in any channel when examined with RawDigger, which indicates an issue with the LR demosaicing process.

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7 years ago

Eric Chan has discribed the problem in his post with the threat

For me his discription is a good answer and I hope the adobe Camera raw can solve this problem in future.