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Sun, Apr 15, 2012 3:19 PM


Lightroom 4 metadata selection to be included into photos during export

With the release of Lightroom 4, the new metadata option during export now have 4 options (copyright only, copyright and contact, all except camera raw info and all).
However, in most cases, I would like to include the copyright, contact and basic camera info (such as shutter speed, aperture, iso, camera model, shooting mode). But, that's just me.
Lightroom are now usually use as the last software editing raw photos. And as such it should include the ability to screen which type of metadata to be included into the photo before publishing client or web.
Hence, more options should be included into the metadata interface.
Option to select (by ticking) of the following groups of metadata should be included:

a) Camera raw information (camera setting, camera model, iso, shutter speed, aperture, etc...)
b) Copyright.
c) Contact information.
d) xmp
e) thumbnail

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9 years ago

You want Metadata Wrangler by Jeffrey Friedl.