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Sun, May 15, 2011 6:22 AM


Lightrom/Camera Raw: Better Fringe Removal

My experience: light-handed fringe removal doesn't work well enough, and heavy-handed fringe removal either doesn't work well either, or works well but strips non-fringe color away too, or fringe color from areas where it isn't fringe.

Most of the time fringe is confined to limited areas of a photo, and sometimes its purple but sometimes its blue, or other colors too. I sometimes correct this using painstaking brushing with settings to include de-saturation, coloration, +exposure/contrast adjustment.

I wish there was some way to say to Lightroom:

"Just get rid of all the purple (or blue...) in the area I'm about to paint and maybe clean up the edges some" or something like that.

And then paint the specified fringe correction in the offending regions.

Voila - no more fringe! (without affecting other parts of the photo).

PS - This technique could also be used to clean up longitudinal CA, although there may be more "scientific" ways of accomplishing the latter using lens correction techniques...

Summary: I've always thought fringe correction should be a local, so it could be applied in a more forceful fashion without destroying the parts of the photo which the user knows aren't subject to fringing but the software (without user guidance) doesn't.

If it could be done globally and automatically, that would be even better - the objective is better fringe detection and removal. Perhaps best case would be a global that could also be applied locally.


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