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Mon, May 14, 2018 12:46 PM


Feature Request: Using JPGs as Proxy for Raw Files

It would be really good for photographers who mainly shoot JPG (who capture the raw file also) to be able to bring in the Raw File for a JPG they can see needs some work.

For example let's say I am shooting a sports event at night under some difficult lighting conditions and every now and then my WB settings need to change. I know there's a couple of frames that will need some work but I don't want to import the Raw files until I have seen the images as to whether they are suitable. So I import all of my JPGs into Lightroom and as expected there's a couple of great shots in there, but they need some color correction and and a few other adjustments due to the WB changes, so now I want to tag that file for Raw import from the other card.

This saves a lot of time and space if bringing in over 1000+ images  , so if I could just tag the files that need a Raw file after the JPG import, and I can just have the program find the associated Raw file (same name, different extension) to replace the JPG that would be great.

Similar to how it works in Premiere Pro




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