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Sun, Mar 31, 2019 12:11 AM

Enhanced Details Is Not a Solve For Fuji Worms

Converting to DNG and using the new enhanced details does not solve the Fuji Worms issue. It's a band-aid that masks the issue not solve it. The worms can still be seen. Taking really nice Fujifilm grain and getting grain worms is a problem. Having to create huge DNG files and go through a file by file conversion process is a problem. 

The solution is to open a RAF file and have worms not appear. That's the problem being fixed. Until this happens don't cross it off the list, "good enough" does not mean CORRECT. 

Adobe you have a ton of smart talented people that could surely work together with Fuji to figure out how to solve this problem once and for all. Look at Iridient Developer, he's at least solved the problem using DNG—Adobe Enhanced Details doesn't even come close.

Fuji Worms is still a problem and cannot be considered solved until the user can open a RAF file and have the grain appear correct, without worms. This should be the goal.

I'll be using Capture One from now on until I see Adobe get serious and truly fix the issue, not mask it and try to say problem solved. 


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