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Tue, Nov 27, 2012 9:59 AM


Efficient Multi Core Processing of RAW files

When converting RAW images, process one image per core. Similar to SETI@home. It may not be efficient to split the conversion of an image across multiple cores but running 4-16 conversions at a time would speed up the overall batch. I don't know if this means that ACR would need to spawn as many instances of itself as there are cores or not. Of course this is memory and disk bandwidth limited, but that can be addressed by the user.

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8 years ago

I'm still not sure why all cores couldn't be more fully engaged when converting a single image.

Although this proposal would improve performance when converting multiple images, it would degrade performance when doing a single image.

I think it needs some more thought, and the Adobe engineers are just the folks to do it.

Bottom-line: we want it to go faster!...