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Mon, May 4, 2020 6:50 PM


Camera Raw/Photoshop: Confirmation dialog if you hit the Escape Key in Camera Raw


  1. Select "Camera Raw Filter..." from the Filter menuin Photoshop
  2. Make a change
  3. Press the 'Escape' key (especially when by accident)
EXPECT: confirmation that you want to close the filter,discarding all of your changes (which could be extensive)

RESULT: the filter simply goes away, no confirmation (Ilooked in preferences and found none), no saving of changes anywhere (either toa sidecar file or in memory), nothing.

Additionally, this could be configurable in PS Preferencesfor those that do not wish for confirmation.




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1 y ago

That the way most (maybe all)  things work in Photoshop.  ESC is like hitting cancel.  I would hate to see a confirm dialog and have to respond every time I canceled out of an operation.  

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1 y ago

I'm upvoting this for sure. How the escape key works in this situation is frustrating.

It should be clarified that ACR is used in a much different way than most operations in PS. it's sometimes used as a standalone editor (which is how I use it from Bridge Find Photo > Edit > Save Photo).

In photoshop and most adobe applications escape doesn't cancel an operation it backs you out of it nondestructively.  e.g. If you're using the text tool, tapping in some very important text and then you hit escape you are taken out of the text tool and returned to your cursor with all of the text that you've just typed still intact. This is not the case with ACR. From Bridge I'll open a photo in ACR, make some initial corrections, for some reason my brain tells me I need to hit I naturally do as my brain tells me and hit escape...ACR closes...all progress destroyed.  In my world, the escape key in this instance is closing an application with no confirmation.  It's performing the same task as Force Quite as far as my workflow is concerned.

Thanks for submitting this request!