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Wed, Dec 19, 2018 7:39 AM


Camera Raw/Lightroom: Improvements to Profiles and Develop Sessions and accessibility to files in Lightroom

Three suggestions: 1) I often use Profiles in ACR as a starting point forpost-processing a photo or a series of photos, and I find myself doing more andmore of the processing in ACR. Btw, Profiles have been a Godsend.

Most of the time, I’ll select 3-8 profiles for a photo and savea snapshot of each to make reviewing the photo with the selected profiles faster(and easy to compare) when making the final decision of which profile to use.

Sometimes, I’ll even begin the processing with 2-3 differentprofiles, to see which will be the easiest and most likely to provide the lookI want.

This involves typing the name of the Profile for eachsnapshot. If I’m multi-processing an image (for different layers to blendtogether in PS) I may have 3-5 different snapshots of the same image with thesame profile – with a word or two after the profile name (e.g., hair, face,body, right arm, dress, etc.)

Being able to click a checkbox that would put the name ofthe profile in the snapshot (and allowing the addition of a couple of descriptivewords) would save a fair amount of typing.

People who build composites of product photos (wrist watches,bottles of wine, etc.) most likely would appreciate the same feature as well.

This is similar to saving a processed RAW file as a JPEG withthe filename + up to three other fields (e.g., face, body, right arm, dress,etc.).


2) It would also be helpful if the Develop Settings offered theoption of including the profiles (and creating comparable snapshots) whenpasting the settings into photos in the same set.


3) Btw, the main reason (more so than familiarity) that I useACR instead of LR is that LR requires creating a catalog.

For years, my filing system has been to create a folder foreach client, subject, model (for test shoots), etc. – and a subfolders with thedates of each shoot.

Until about 2-3 years ago, I imported files into a folderwith a filename that began with the camera (e.g., D3X) plus a number for thatday or shoot – like D3X_0001 – beginning with 0001. (Now I use the date inyymmdd format plus sequential numbering.)

Since I have something like 200,000 images with the old filesystem. I’m sure I have several dozen files (in different folders) with the samefilename.

Being able to use Sessions (as in CaptureOne) instead of catalogswould mitigate that problem to some extent.



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