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Tue, Nov 7, 2017 5:40 PM


Camera Raw/Lightroom Classic/Lightroom Ecosystem: Disable built-in lens profile

I own Micro43 and compact cameras, where lens profiles are integrated in RAW files. With software like Capture One Pro, I can easily enable or disable theses built-in profiles. Actually, there is even a slider allowing to enable 0% or 100% of the built-in profile, and whatever percentage in between.

In LR (CC, Classic or LR6), the checkox for enabling or disabling profiles does not work with built-in profiles, which always stay enabled. This seriously limits the possibilities of several cameras which possibilities get unleashed by actual RAW developpers like Capture One Pro.

I'm actually a COP user (after switching from LR) but DAM sucks with COP and this built-in lens profile thing is the only deal breaker for me to come back. So please let users disable built-in lens profiles, or at least offer workarounds.

As a workaround, a dumb "zero" profile that would replace the built-in one (not coming on top of it) could do the job.


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9 m ago

I fully agree, there needs to be a way to turn off forced lens corrections, it degrade image quality, when correcting for distortion pixels get stretched and when correcting for vignetting it make noise more visible in the corners, and some people like ADDING vignettes in their images, it make no sense to have the software remove the real natural vignette and then add a fake vignette in the corners which always looks substantially worse, all adobe to do is let us uncheck a box, this isn't even a feature request, it's a request for the ability to turn OFF a "feature" that degrades image quality.