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Thu, Nov 8, 2018 1:41 PM

Camera Raw/DNG: Stop Hijacking of CPU Cores

On Ryzen CPU (1700x) when running a Batch conversion from Canon Raw files to DNGs the DNG Converter correctly uses all cores and threads but slows down the computer until it's finished converting. While converting the computer is unusable.

To easen the burden on the CPU everytime I run the conversion I have to manually adjust the priority of DNG Converter to "LOW" or "Idle" - Also turning off affinity with CPU 0 and CPU 1 works. The problem is that this operation has to be carried on manually for every instance of the program and also if carried on when the conversion is already taking place launching and operating the windows task manager is cumbersome due to the CPU lagging.


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2 years ago

It shouldn't be able to - it's up to the OS to manage thread priorities, scheduling, and resource allocation.