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Fri, Nov 20, 2020 7:52 PM

Camera Raw: revert to previous behavior in + - on Local Adjustment


Previous versions of ACR, when using adjustment brushes (K) used a "+ or -" to quickly set an adjustment of +25 or -25 for any of the adjustment options (selective edits).

Not only has that disappeared, but also when clicking a new/different adjustment, all previous adjustments would be "zeroed out". Now it is more cumbersome to "zero out" previous adjustments (although I finally figured out how to do it).

Personally, I find the old method far superior and specially, faster to use.

I certainly hope you either go back to the old way, or at least provide the capability to operate that way if desired.

Other changes, such as the new interface on the right side appear to be worthy improvements


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2 months ago

The old method of zero'ing out those adjustments was FAR SUPERIOR in the old versions of ACR. The entire layout and function of the new ACR is cumbersome at best, and nearly unusable at least. If I wanted to use Lightroom, I would just use Lightroom. But I can't stand Lightroom exactly because of the cumbersome workflow you have now built into ACR. Indefensible.  

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2 months ago

I totally agree. ACR used to be fast and efficient.  It wasn't perfect, but with the amount of fiddling they have done to get it to 12.3 they COULD have made it perfect, instead they have hobbled it.

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