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Thu, May 2, 2019 11:48 AM


Camera Raw: Paths/Pen tool needed for local adjustments

My idea is to introduce a new tool like a Pen Tool in Photoshop. Behavior of that shape should be the same as today's radial filter in ACR where we can use brush, protect luminosity etc.

For now, only linear and radial gradients are allowed to make local adjustments.Of course brush tool can refine selections. But all of such a kind of selections are only coarse. There i no tool which allows harsh limit local adjustment to specific area. For example if we make real estate photography, especially interiors, we would expect to apply different adjustment for all windows areas. This selection mus be very precise to fit an inner part of frame of the windows - nothing more, nothing less. Currently, such a operations needs to be done under Photoshop making simple process time consuming.


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2 y ago

Let's NOT divert resources to add editing features to ACR. Its just inviting more bugs and poor performance. OP, there is a reason these are separate programs.

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2 y ago

Was about to suggest this after it bugged my mid for a long time now. This pen tool mask would be really helpful for real-estate shots for masking windows or doors that  are basically polygons. Also it would be good if we are able to brush it in and out.