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Thu, Apr 5, 2018 5:33 PM


Camera Raw: Noise reduction presets for various ISO speeds

It would be nice to have set noise reduction presets for various ISO speeds similar to other RAW software such as "Topaz"


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3 y ago

+1, It would be great if the values of NR presets were based on camera make and model and ISO. Even better based on the camera make and model and ISO extracted from the meta-data.

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3 y ago

IMHO that's an impossible task to handle all the possible instances.  
1. A very huge database should be made for this.  
2. The amount and the type of the noise depends not only on the ISO but also on the make (Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Hasselblad etc.) AND the camera model (Canon 750D, 70D etc.).  To say short: on the sensor and the electronics used in the camera.  
3. Even some minor differences can occur between the same models...  
4. Also the amount and type of noise can depend on the time elapsed from switching on the camera until the photo was taken, especially in cameras with smaller sensors. 
5. Also counts that what the photo will be used for.  Maybe some noise is OK in one case, but totally unacceptable in other.  
6. etc.. 
So it's the best to make your own presets for your own camera and needs. 
But that will be also a huge task if you make photos for many purposes and/or several cameras etc..



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3 y ago

LR and ACR Luminance and Color Noise Reduction controls already use camera model and ISO setting metadata to "Scale" the amount of noise reduction applied. For example a maximum Luminance 100 setting applied to camera raw file shot at ISO 100 will barely soften the image detail. However, a Luminance 100 setting applied to a raw file shot at high ISO setting such as 3200 will produce considerable image softness.

I compared the test results using a Canon 5D MKII full-frame sensor and Canon G9X MKII 1" crop sensor camera raw files. The same maximum Luminance 100 setting produces a higher degree of softening most especially at ISO 3200 with the smaller sensor Canon G9X MKII camera. This appears to confirm LR and ACR NR algorithms are camera model aware and scaled accordingly.

As Gime pointed out there are other factors that determine the amount of noise in an image most especially under-exposure. Every +1 EV of LR Exposure adjustment applied to the raw image file is the equivalent of shooting at ~2x the ISO setting. The same goes for long exposure settings.

So for example if you were to change the LR Default Develop setting for Luminance NR from 0 to some higher setting like 25 this would accomplish your objective. Low ISO setting raw files will have very little actual Luminance NR applied and higher ISO setting images will have a higher amount of Luminance NR applied according to the algorithm Adobe has created for that camera model. You'll have to determine what actual Luminance NR setting is needed by checking images shot at higher ISO settings. Just keep in mind this is a "ball-park" setting that may require further adjustment based on the many variables affecting image noise and your threshold of acceptance.

Give it a try!

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