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Wed, May 2, 2018 8:43 PM

Camera Raw: Needs an undo after deleting profile folder and/or a dialogue box before deleting

In Camera Raw I have created profiles in a couple folders.  When trying to delete a profile that was incorrect, I accidentally deleted the profile set.  It's happened twice.  The first time didn't matter as much, but this time I had a lot in that folder.  Mind you, I right-clicked on the profile, so I wasn't even close to the profile folder.  But there it is, "delete profile" and "delete profile set" right close together.  I read and clicked "delete profile" before I read the word "...set". Everything is gone.  There's no undo.  I looked in the trash, nothing's there.  

Does Camera Raw have a magical folder it holds deleted things/profiles in?  

If not, can someone please add a dialogue box before we are able to destroy everything in one click?

And then can they move the "delete profile set" option out of the options when we right-click on a profile and not the set?

And finally, can there be an undo in case the above precautions don't stop our automated fingers from clicking "delete profile" before we read the word "...set".




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2 years ago

+1 on this Laura.  I just deleted a profile set accidentally.  For something this drastic it should ask if you are SURE.  I know its pilot error but its too easy to do.  They should at least send them to the recycle bin/trash can.

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+1 as well.

I have deleted folders with lots of profiles by accident and just gone "well... sh*t."

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a year ago

First of all to have a feature in place that permanently removes an entire preset group is ridiculous/moronic. Having backup data is a given, but even operating systems can revert changes. Adobe obviously put zero thought into this.

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a year ago

I had made the same silly mistake, but I found a small work around to get back most of what I had lost. When you edit and save a photo a .XMP file is created with the same file name as that photo: this is what contains all the different settings that were changed for that individual photo.

To fix it I opened some older photos that had the various presets applied and then I re-saved the settings from those old photos to the same name as the presets I once had.