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Wed, Jun 13, 2018 10:32 AM


Camera Raw Lab


PSP offers users the choice of opening raw images in Camera Raw Lab or opening them directly in PSP itself. One of the results of using CRL is that the file path and name disappear from the file information making any script I write use a temporary path location for raw files opened in CRL. That then has to be corrected when saving the image.That is not so bad and I can live with it, but is there any benefit to using Camera Raw Lab? I am new to PSP, but I have not seen anything that I can do in CRL that I can not also do in PSP itself, so is there any reason to use CRL? Or am I missing something? I know that most good photo editors provide a raw image front end, but the one PSP uses does not seem to offer anything that I can not just as easily do with the adjustment layers, so is there any reason to use it?

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2 years ago

Hi Michael,

You've posted to the Adobe Photoshop community.

You're looking for Corel community I think.




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2 years ago

You are in the wrong forum. PSP stands for Paint Shop Pro. That is not an Adobe product and not the same as Photoshop. Camer Raw Photolab is also not related to Adobe Camera Raw in any way.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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2 years ago

You know the person (MichealSmith) who posted his/her three questions is just advertising a web site, so their posts should be removed.
Check the last of the two links under reference and they all lead to the same website, which has nothing to do with the questions, that by the way are copied from much older posts.