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Sat, Mar 31, 2012 2:22 AM


Camera Raw: Grid overlay available on demand in develop module

Camera Raw CS5 and CS6:
Since I now do most image corrections in ACR, I would like the grid overlay
a) to be available all the time [it now requires that I be using the Lens Correction module for the Grid Lines to show up when I press V] so that I can rapidly check the horizontality/verticality/distortion of my image, whatever tool or module I am currently using.
b) to be customizable in color and in grid pitch.

Two icons at the top of the Camera Raw develop module (next to the current tools) is all that is required:
1. An on/off grid icon with scrubby grid pitch
2. and a color selection rectangle icon...
and obviously the behind the scene coding!
Thanks for considering,
P Geoffrion


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