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Mon, Oct 1, 2018 6:02 AM

Camera Raw: GPS location changes after editing

When editing an image (dng) with GPS data in Camera Raw, the location is changed (and becomes incorrect).

Example: original DNG image has the latitude as 52 deg 9' 1.67" N, after editing the image and saving it again, the latitude has become 52 deg 13' 38.00" N. (the longitude is similarly botched)

Analysing the data from which the GPS location is derived (using exiftool), I see that the original has its latitude stored as the three rationals  52/1 9/1 167/100. The edited file, however has garbled the last one and now reads 52/1 9/1 278/1. So there clearly is an error in the code handling GPS location data.

Hopefully this can be fixed quickly!


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9 m ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Photoshop changes structure of latitude and longitude stored in EXIF.

I am using a Photoshop script which reads GPS exif data from jpeg file and put it into text layer. Photoshop presents GPS information in: dd.dd mm.mm ss.ss (eg. 53.00 15.00' 30.19''). This is quite strange format, there is no point to show decimal part of degrees and minutes so I've splited original string and take only first 2 numbers of degree and minutes into text layer. New format of above coordinates is: 53d15'30.19". And here is the problem: This method usually works only with a jpeg file which is opened in Photoshop for the first time. When the jpeg file is closed - even without saving any changes on the exit, the format is changed. GPS lat/lon are stored as 3 64-bit rational values and for some reason PS moves seconds part of coordinates to minutes section, so now the same coordinates looks like that: 53.00 15.50' 00.00". 30.19" is moved to minutes section and now is presented as 15.50'. The fraction part of seconds is lost.  This operation reduces precision from 0.3m (0.01 part of second is equal to approx. 0.3m on the ground) to 18.5m (0.01 part of minute). My GPS unit records position with cm accuracy and I need to present accurate value on the image.