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Sat, Jun 25, 2016 1:34 PM

Camera Raw: File Size Limitation

I would like to edit large files inside camera raw in photoshop, but there is a limit to the maximum file size. I found this in a adobe blog:
• There is a size limit of 65,000 pixels on the long side of a file or, 512 MP – whichever comes first.
This problem seems to have been around for quite some time... Is there a way to work around this? I know that you could select several parts of an image to edit them in ACR, but this is a pain and doesn't work for several editing options. I have files that have easily 1000 Megapixels or even more and ACR offers awesome editing possibilities like dehaze and so on.


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2 years ago

REally nothing happened with this since 3 years ?!?!?! :o 
I just scanned a roll and got 1.70 GB files, 914 Mpx each (12800 DPI, 60x60mm midformat) and can't open in ACR! :( 
Hey, Adobe, it is 2019 already!!!