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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 1:51 PM

Camera Raw: BenQ SW271 Color Issue

I have just upgraded my from MacBook Pro to Mac Pro 2019 one week ago,

Then I installed a fresh copy of each Application (LR, PS, ACR, etc.)
After a week of using many app related to Adobe or other companies (Luminar 4, Final Cut, Nik Collection).

After that, I have to calibrate my Screen BenQ SW271 to get the right colors, using PALETTE MASTER ELEMENT.

I didn't use other third party because of the statement that BenQ in FAQ which says:

Can I use third-party calibration software to calibrate my monitor?07-24-2019
Third-party calibration software can only be used for software calibration on the monitor. For hardware calibration, please make sure all third-party calibration software is properly turned off when using Palette Master Element. Third-party calibration software will interfere with Palette Master Element software as well as its supporting calibration devices and subsequently jeopardize their performance. 

I have use Spyder5Pro for the calibration,  everything worked fine in all applications, nothing change at all,
but when I open the image from Photoshop to ACR, the color of the image changed (too saturated and contrast).

I have tried to turn GPU off, on all Adobe App, nothing changed, tried another photo, CR2, Jpeg. the issue still occurred.

after contacting Adobe Support, they solved the issue by changing the Display Profile inside the System Preferences of OS Catalina to Adobe RGB (1998), which is existed already before the calibration.

This is a temporary solution in my opinion.

I think the problem is in ACR itself, it is picking the wrong colors profile, this is the only conclusion, because it is the only one with color issues. LR, PS and all other app working great.

I'm not an expert when it comes to color profiles/color space.

Any Idea/suggestion to fix that issue?




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1 y ago

There is a LR compatibility issue with the BenQ hardware software. Please try the suggestions at the below post.