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Thu, Jul 2, 2020 7:35 AM


Camera Raw and DNG: Transfer rating of pictures in dng

it would be nice to have the ratings on pictures, which i set in my fuji gfx cameras, still in the dng files after converting the raf files. would that be possible to integrate? that would be so helpful and saving hours!!


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8 months ago

can you tell me what this function is for? i have never used this and with the new version i just noticed this function but i realy don't know what its for

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8 months ago

What do you want to accomplish? 
To get the star rating over from the RAF to the DNG during the convertion?
Do you use the DNG converter for this?

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8 months ago

So you want to make ratings on the proprietary raws on the camera itself, convert to DNG and have them still show up? May or may not be possible depending on where the proprietary raw stores that data. You can try, but it may not be possible because the raws are again, proprietary tags. Now AFTER conversion to DNG, no problem. 

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