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Tue, Feb 20, 2018 2:07 PM


Camera Raw: Ability to adjust values using the mouse scroll wheel

In Photoshop we have been able to adjust different values with the scroll wheel on the mouse for years. Would be very nice to have that same feature in Camera RAW.

Currently it can be a headache to adjust the different sliders with a sensitive/high res mouse. Would be much better to just click on the numerical and adjust with the scroll wheel.


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3 years ago

yes, this is a very annoying (Windows platform) - why I can't use mouse scroll wheel to adjust slider values when I hover over slider or numeric input filed w/ mouse pointer ?!.... why ? why ? why ???!!!

Also - why we can't have more granular (small) step of temperature (K) adjustment when we are near "2000K" ... 50K step there is totally, totally different animal vs 50K around "5000K" ?