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Thu, Aug 10, 2017 10:44 AM

Camera RAW 9.12 confuses monitor profiles in multi-monitor environments

I've raised this issue in another thread before ( but after same testing I can boil it down to two paragraphs:

In (Windows) multi-monitor environments where Primary and Secondary display are not the displays with ID 1 and 2 (i.e. 2 is Primary, 1 is Secondary - which is perfectly legitimate) Camera Raw uses profile 1 for monitor 2 and vice versa. After swapping Primary and Secondary display via Windows Setup CR uses the correct profiles again.

This is very nasty in environments where displays (and thus their profiles) differ only slightly because one might not even recognise the problem. In my case (a mix of sRGB and wide-gamut) you can see it blindfolded.


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3 years ago

same problem - its infuriating and deeply embaressing that Adobe FOR YEARS havent fixed something this basic - this is BASIC COLOR MANAGEMENT THATS broken ! 
This is bug consistently manifest where ever you have a dual monitor setup where the screen your using with ACR is not designated as "1" in Windows color management. personally - i have to PHYSICALLY UNPLUG or PLUGIN  my secong monitor with every single start up - or use a HDMI switct to ensure that my main monitor is designated as "1" in Windows color management. It shpuld be VERY simple to fix this issue seing how PS and other Adobe apps recognize and use the correct profiles no matter what.