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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 10:33 PM


Camera Raw: 13.0.2 and earlier / trying to save images

In my normal workflow, I bracket three exterior shots then go in and select the best of the three to work on further. I bring all into Camera Raw and apply my preset, then go through each to decide which of the three to keep from each set. This usually is the first image so I wind up with a file marked for deletion as the last image. Then, in the previous iterations of Camera Raw, I would normally hit CTRL-A to select all of the images and click the save button. Doing that now, the SAVE icon is greyed out and, since there is no longer SAVE button on the bottom (an oversight that is ludicrous in my opinion) I can't save my files. If I hover over an image NOT marked for deletion, then there is a save option that appears and that is a workaround, but this should be fixed to work properly. Alternatively, if I select an image that is not marked for deletion, then hit CTRL-A, the SAVE icon is functional.


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2 months ago

Added to the list of things marked FUBAR in this brave new world of ACR.

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2 months ago

We've logged a bug for this issue. Thanks for your report. 

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