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Fri, Jun 26, 2020 8:00 PM

Camera Raw 12.3: Where are the Favorites presets?

So I know where I can go to apply a Favorite preset to a bunch of images.... the three little dots on the right hand side. No problem there. But it used to be that you could make some slider adjustments and then Save that as a new preset. Then you would go to the list of presets and choose the ones you wanted to show up in Favorites.
Now I can save the new preset, title it, etc... but it never shows up in the list of presets as User Presets.... so there's no way to find it and put a star on it to make it then show up in the Apply Favorite Preset section. All that exists in Favorites are "color" and "monotone"   --  there is only Basic, Artistic, B&W, Modern, etc