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Sun, Jun 28, 2020 12:12 PM


Camera Raw 12.3: Some problems I have with the new version - Improvement Ideas.

camera raw 12.3 - my wishlist for the next version since they are really annoying:

- Zoom level doesn't stay on edge to edge after I cropped an image
- Ratings (stars) are to small for my taste
- Aspect-ratio-Setting too hidden in the drop-down menu. 
- the correction brush - the previous settings always change back to the "standard" settings - 

minor wishes: 
- Would be great to display the number of photos somewhere, like before.
- if possible: offer the option to switch to the old cropping tool - the new one (as we all know it from photoshop for years) is weird. I really prefered to crop an image with the cropping mask on the photo, and i don't want to crop the photo on the cropping mask - if this makes any sense to you guys. 

All the other stuff / new UI is actually pretty good... Looking forward to the next version.


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8 months ago


Thanks for posting. Your suggestions will achieve greater impact if you follow these guidelines: 

"...You can help us out by doing a few things to maximize your idea's impact.  First, if you have an idea, search to see if idea is already posted as a formal Idea. If it is, hit the [Me Too] button and if you like add your individual comments to the thread. Second, if you don’t find the idea is already posted, create a new thread and post your idea for a new feature.  

Please keep the Ideas as one-idea-per-thread so that we can merge them with the correct master threads if necessary.  We don’t have a way to merge an Idea into multiple threads so if you make multiple feature requests in a single post, it is likely to get lost in the shuffle, lessening its impact and reducing its chances for future product incorporation...."

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