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Thu, Jun 18, 2020 9:06 AM


Camera Raw 12.3, No option to use the old ACR layout. Why?

Camera Raw 12.3 update has to be the worst ACR update yet. 
With no option to use the old-style layout that we are used to. As a full-time photographer time is money and I do not have the time to go through another learning curve, especially for no reason other than someone at Adobe, decided to change everything around in ACR. What makes this worse is that the new update has slowed down my workflow and made it a lot more difficult to see the tools on my 13" laptop when I am on location. This is because all the tools are now crammed into a small space making it very cluttered. This does not make any sense as there is still room where the tools used to be, so this has achieved nothing!

I have had to revert back to the old Camera Raw 11.4.1, just so I can get on with my job, which is completely ridiculous! 

I hope Adobe can fix this soon. 

Link to revert back to the old Camera Raw 11.4.1

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Camera Raw 12.3: How to revert UI to older version, one with vertical filmstrip?


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7 months ago

You are absolutely right! No progress has been achieved with these changes. On the contrary. You work a lot worse — without any sense, Adobe is trying to make the ACR interface look like a Ligtroom. Why? If I chose ACR, it means I don't like Lightroom UI, right? At the moment, it seems that someone at Adobe has decided that we all must like the Ligtroom interface.