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Tue, Jun 16, 2020 10:42 PM


Camera Raw 12.3 Is Horrible

This absolutely is the worst update ever done by Adobe. Everything is crammed on the right side and the text is so small it's unreadable on a 17" laptop. I've been using Photoshop since CS2 but I simply can't use this version of ACR. Give us the option of reverting to the prior version. I can live without the few new features.

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6 months ago

Hi Jerry. I have wanted an update for years and to bring it more inline with Lightroom. They have done that with the crop tool which is great. I do find it a bit confusing and lacks the ability to hide unwanted tools like split tone, which I never use and the calibration tool.

I hope we grow to like it and they make sone changes to make it the perfect editor.

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6 months ago

I agree and have been using Photoshop since 1994
Does anyone know how to hide the .xmp files now that there is no longer an option to save them in a camera raw data base?

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6 months ago

– The “NEW” button (radio button) to start a new local adjustment was VERY important (for example I want to create a new smaller adjustment under the current one). Actually, it’s not possible, you have to find a way to get out of the current edit first and only then can create a new one.

– During a local adjustment, the small quick + and – buttons on each slider allowed to immediately renew the settings of all sliders for the new adjustment you want to make and at the same time create a new adjustment. Now that it’s gone, you have first to get out of the current edit on your own, and click the reset button. (extra steps !!)

– Putting those main shortcuts on the right was not a good idea. Sliders should be on the far right of the screen because you work there most of the time. The old placement on top was fine. 

Now during a local adjustment editing, if you have zoomed in (let’s say at 100%), there’s no way to zoom out without leaving first the local adjustment menu. You have to use the percentage zoom. Bad design.

Very very disappointing UI update overall.