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Wed, Feb 20, 2019 6:39 PM


Camera Raw 11.2 does not open .dng from Bridge to Photoshop for Server .dng Files

New Version of Camera Raw 11.2 does not open .dng from server in Photoshop Module of Camera Raw when opening from Bridge. Gives "file not found" message. Photoshop opens .dng from local disk, opens in Bridge Module of Camera Raw, and also opens from finder in Photoshop Camera Raw. Just not in Photoshop module of Camera Raw, when opening from Bridge for server files. Obvious workaround is to use Bridge Camera Raw Module and then save dialog box to save to .psd on server, which then open normally in Photoshop from Bridge. Less convenient than just opening in Photoshop Camera Raw and then using Open Image button to continue to Photoshop to save as .psd. And yes there is also an Open Image Button in Bridge Camera Raw, but it doesn't work either, launches photoshop but does not open in Photoshop Camera Raw. Can live with this for now if I have to, but if it stops working in Bridge Camera Raw with future update, what then?

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2 years ago

This has been acknowledged by Adobe. Having said that, working off a server can be problematic. Best practice is work off a local drive.

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I am having the same problem that only popped up a few days ago.  And in my work flow, there's no way I will be able to go off of a local drive all the time.  Too much back and forth where files can be lost or fogotten, plus a waste of time waiting for tranfers between drives.  Hope Adobe gets this fixed soon.

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2 years ago

You may find this link helpful.  Seems like there is an issue in Camera Raw 11.2