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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 7:31 PM

Apply Previous Settings Applies Previous Crop: ACR 13.0

I have many similar shots of a wedding reception in the same lighting.  How do I apply the previous edit settings (Was "Previous Conversion" now "Previous Settings) without applying the last crop?  This is extremely annoying, and time consuming. 


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9 m ago

I do quite a bit of this type of thing. Just click on the first one - select all images - adjust the first one - and then bring up the sync dialog box with Crtl+S and select the parameters that you want to sync.

You could probably also save the settings as a preset (and then delete it afterwards).

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9 m ago

I just logged in to post the same question. It is common that I apply the settings of a previous edit to a new batch of pictures being opened in ACR. It makes absolutely no sense to now include crops into this feature. When landscape and portrait mode pictures are mixed this messes up everything and takes unnecessary clicks to undo. 

Adobe, please exclude the crop setting from the "Previous Settings" option back to the way it used to be. Don't keep further messing up ACR.