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Tue, Jul 21, 2020 12:21 PM


Adobe Profile Lens Creator - incompatibility with Mac OS Catalina

  • Hello Adobe Community, since the last time I used Lens Profile Creator now it's incompatible with Mac OS Catalina.
  • It's a jewel of a software, it's awesome to share self made Lens Profiles with people that aren't available and would be really good for the community if it's updated.
  • Hope that Adobe sees the potential of custom Lens Profiles:
    - rectilinear focal lengths that no manufacturer is able to make
    If implemented in video also:
    - indirect and good rolling shutter fix
    - indirect stabilization
    - with the lens data and automatic image analysis a perfect stabilizator without perspective distortions
    - reframing, etc
  • Thank you.
Isaac R.C.

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