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Wed, Apr 4, 2018 1:12 AM


ACR and Lightroom Classic need to converge their GUI and controls more closely to encourage a better user-experience and efficient workflow.

As a long-time professional photographer and daily user of Lightroom (Classic), I am appreciative of the incremental improvements in LR but I am frustrated at the lag or even failure of ACR's GUI and features to behave consistently with LR.
I do the vast majority of my editing and processing in LR and then I usually Edit in 'Open As Smart Object' for the finished client-files (saving the finished Photoshopped Edited version back down to the LR catalogue when completed). Once in Photoshop, I use a layered workflow and after considerable adjustments I may need to rework the original file by opening the Smart Object, which will open the underlying raw file in ACR. That remedial work is often about tidying up the brushwork on gradients that are only revealed after the Photoshop post-processing.
However, LR's Density Gradient-brush option is not available in ACR.
Using Flow may work but the results are variable and patchy compared to the control achieved with density, especially for the sort of Gradient work I do. 
So, please Adobe, update ACR with the same controls that exist in Lightroom.
While you are at it, make the keyboard-shortcuts consistent across both software platforms (or at least an option to choose) and create an option to change ACR's GUI to appear the same way as LR's develop module – that would be a brilliant improvement. 
I'm not saying that LR's GUI is better than ACR it's just that it is the one that I know so it is the one that I need to continue with.
When you are working daily with software in a production workflow, reflexive muscle-memory makes up a large portion of the micro decision-making, considerably speeding up and smoothing the processing workflow.
There are other inconsistent behaviours in ACR (crop tool, before & after previews, etc) so it would be good if the software engineers looked at an overall tidy up of the ACR interface and brought the two programmes together in a way that encouraged more inter-operability for users.


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