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Fri, Jul 31, 2020 7:46 PM

Tabbed interface for ACR

Please please could the designers add a row of icons at the top right of ACR with icons for each panel, so we can access them directly without having to scroll. Also could we have movable panels (like Ps/Pr) so we can arrange the panels to sit where we like/are used to to fit our individual screen real estate/ working pattern.



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2 months ago

Completely agree Ash. The icons really were a great part of the Adobe Camera Raw interface. It's a shame they have gone. 

Branislav in another thread gave a good example of this. Please see below, I have copied and pasted his comments:


Here’s why the UI of the latest version of #CameraRaw is a mess. There is a confusion as some sliders are similar and there is no clear separation between group of features. 

Also, instead of keeping all tools that were previously directly available on the toolbar, now some are hidden in sub panels, forcing the user to click more to access them.

You tell me to reinstall v12.2.1 to use the previous version of the UI. But Camera Raw 12.2.1 does not load anymore in Bridge 2020 v10.1 even if I restart my Mac. But it loads in Bridge CC2018.

Here’s #CameraRaw 12.2.1 in Bridge CC2018 where ALL the primary tools can be selected straight away. And no, it is not an issue if they’re in the upper left corner, they’re even closer to the image. Putting them in the upper right corner is a mistake.

And when I start to edit photos, I usually go to 3 places: Lens, Details, Basic settings. 1 click, 2nd click, 3rd click. With the new UI, I need to scroll and find the set of features as they are not clearly separated.
Bad UI, bad UX, bad decision.

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2 months ago

Agree 1000% 

Or just give us a "classic mode" interface; in the grand scheme of things it would be trivial to do.

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2 months ago

Adobe prefer to ignore its users, protect Mr Rodney and ban anyone who dareth criticise.....