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Thu, Jul 2, 2020 9:08 PM


Really despise the new ACR. Do not change stuff that is working fine for years Adobe!

Really despise the new ACR. Do not change stuff that is working fine for years Adobe !

If any programmer that makes changes to software, making it more of a struggle to work with, with more unnecessary clicks, thinking he/she provides users with an upgrade, please get them back to school!  Adobe, we did not ask for this 'improvement'. Because it is not, it is a setback. This has nothing to do with 'getting used to it'. It is just really crap UI.

Please get the older UI back, so much better as it makes my workflow more efficient. That is all that counts. Listen to your customers and do not come up with changes without -at least- test it with professional customers (!) A dissatified customer.

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5 months ago

I completely agree - this has resulted in MANY more clicks and mouse wheel scrolling all day. The whole thing isn't horrible in big scheme of things going on in the world, but there was ZERO reason to change the operation of ACR.
And now I have to make three clicks to get to the leveling tool instead of it just being there. There are countless things just like in 12.3 that were absurd changes.

On a positive note - the Targeted Adjustment Tool is wicked..... that I've been begging for for years. Good job there.  

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5 months ago

You/we are wasting our time ranting and complaining. Adobe do not want to know.
They are convinced that a minority who somehow 'love' the new layout represent every user.