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Fri, Jul 22, 2011 3:19 PM

Placing images in Actions when zoom <<100% causes misplacement

Placing an image on another (exact same width/height) when image is zoomed <100% when placing or move the placed image to correct position after placing BUT it became a really annoying problem then processing a large amount of images with the Image Processor and Actions.

I made an action that:
1) "Fit image" (originally 21Mpix) to 600x400
2) "Place" an exact same size image (transparent image with border, company logo) without moving it (Center: center, Translate: 0px, 0px)
3)Flatten image & save.

Because the image is opened with zoom level 16,67%, I end up with a placed image that is 3px to the right. Setting zoom to 100% and running the Action again makes work correct but i don't want to do that manually for loads of images.


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9 years ago

I've seen this happen on some systems and not others.

You might try doing a Select>All as a step in your action just before the place step.