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Sun, May 22, 2011 3:18 PM


Photoshop/Bridge: Create, browse, manage color themes

Dear Adobe Team,

this post is about testing and managing color schemes as well in our Adobe design software as also in Bridge and Kuler.

We currently can create and manage color schemes as colored stripes. This is OK but often not efficient and also not intuitive, because it doesn't display the color in context. More exact: we miss a quantitative comparison (little bit red but a lot of green) and the "spatial/geometrical" information (some orange in the middle of a blue area).

I suggest an additional display of color schemes as images:
1. The user would be able to create simple template "pictures" (simple geometrical visual constructs) as overviews for the color scheme in context.
2. Adobe would instantly apply the e.g. 5 colors from chosen schemes to our templates.
3. It would be possible to quickly browse a whole set of color schemes as automatically colored "pictures" within Bridge, so that we can directly/live appreciate their effect.

This would lead to more informative and intensive color sessions!

Thank you!


116 Messages


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10 years ago

I forgot the fourth suggestion: introduce the possibility to group and organize the color fields in the swatches window.

From my point of view the swatches are less helpful, when I'm just able to see them as rough agglomeration. I would absolutely prefer an organized/structured system of colors, where I am able to create e.g. a tree of schemes. Just as sample: imagine there are some fruits in your picture. It would be great to can group the swatches corresponding to the fruits.... or however...

An additional and very interesting idea would be, to be able to select one of the fruits in our picture, and say Photoshop to create a group for its colors within the swatches tool.

Problem: what if there is a peach and and also an orange, hence some identical color in both fruits? How should Photoshop know, how to group them in the tool. I suggest to simply use duplicates. Some orange for the peach and some for the orange. And to go a step further, there would be two kinds of display:

a) A view for our customized groups (where Photoshop would also can display duplicates) and
b) The current view as agglomeration, but without duplicates.

Thanks, Michael