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Fri, Mar 24, 2017 6:16 PM

Photoshop: What has happened to the "Load Files into Photoshop Layers?"

I just recently updated to bridge 2017. What has happened to the "Load Files into Photoshop Layers?" Has it been moved or removed? It is litterly the only reason I use bridge and it is causing a lot of problems with my work flow!




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4 y ago

File/Scripts/Load Files Into Stack/ does the same thing. Don't check Automatically Align Source Images.

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4 y ago

I'm on a Mac running Yosemite, but Load Files is still in my Bridge. You have checked in Startup Scripts in Bridge the right version of Photoshop is enabled? Perhaps deleting Prefs might restore the full complement of scripts. You may  need to uninstall/reinstall PS so Bridge knows about it. It used to be we could simply open Photoshop for Bridge to recognize a fellow traveler, but now they've separated them, I doubt that works. I haven't had to try it.

The script in PS is fine, but it's not as convenient as selecting the files in Bridge, so if you can get the help you need to get it back in Bridge. . .

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4 y ago

I still dont understand why load files into photoshop layers is no longer in Bridge. How do I get it back? Can you provide detailed steps? All of mysoftware bridge, photoshop and computer are all up to date with latest software.

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3 y ago

Hi Kate Marchio,

Re pasting the risten Gillespie comments.

File> Scripts> Load Files into Stack is in Photoshop itself. In Bridge you're looking for Tools> Photoshop> Load Files Into Photoshop Layers. You get the same results.