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Fri, Aug 12, 2011 7:38 PM


Photoshop: Simplify integration of ACR inside PS

I like to use Camera Raw on Tiffs and PSDs for the tool sets and Presets. The Dr Brown script, as adapted by Michael Hale, has been very helpful:

However, what's frustrating is the need to turn the CR develop Tiffs preferences on and off constantly throughout the day. For instance, I am often provided Tiffs with paths for retouching. If I'd like to batch process these Tiffs in CR via Bridge, but doing so strips their paths. So I need to turn the pref off to open a file with path intact, then on to invoke the Dr Brown script. Then off for the next, then on again. This is tedious to do time and again throughout the day. Let alone the way the unexpected preference setting maddens my coworkers when I'm not there (having CR invoked on them unexpectedly, and the "loss" of paths).

How about integrating the CR engine as a filter inside PS, such that the CR preference for Tiffs can be kept off (so there are no surprises when opening files) yet use of it remains on inside PS?


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9 years ago

Yep, ACR could find a warm place inside the Adjustment sub menu :-).

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7 years ago

Hi Scott, does the integration of Camera Raw as filter in Photoshop CC work for what you've suggested?

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