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Wed, May 2, 2018 1:58 PM


Photoshop: Program surface Colors and buttons

Are more people out there, who would like to have back the colors and Buttons of the CS6 Version? Buttons, that look like Buttons, and a Program Surface that fits with lightroom classic CC? Sliders for adjusting the light and dark regions as they are in the bridge?

Working for a longer time with Photoshop is a torment for older people, and is so much better in Lightroom. LR is a real recreation for the eyes!!! (and so extremely useful - like the "L" Button for the Light, and make me concentrating to the Images and not searching for the point where I have to click to...) 

My dream is to have some radio buttons in the settings that adjust the overall look  of all the  buttons from completely flat to good looking buttons from Versions up to CS6 - put all graphic elements in a dll file and make this file selectable. Please!


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3 years ago

Sorry but I gotta disagree!  I'm an oldster too (60 years) and I much prefer the UI in PS.  It's clean, concise, no wasted space, minimal and consistent borders.  LR uses all sizes of lettering: big, small, white, black.  Tiny black lettering against dark gray!  Tiny little dark-on-dark sliders!  

I'm not at all opposed to options, but don't take away the current UI!