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Thu, Feb 27, 2020 8:39 PM

photoshop devaluing over time

photoshop has changed tremendously throughout the years. one thing getting worse is the amount of crashes, the amount of work lost, the amount of time one takes to do something and becoming unreliable as the days go by. Does anyone know of a different software they might recommend for editing? I recently bought new computers costing me 6k to 7k thinking it was my computers but I have found no matter what this creative cloud is the issue 


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1 y ago

Hey Andy,

I feel you. I wish it wouldn't go as downhill with PS as it does the recent years.
It all depends on what you do in PS but you could try Affinity Photo or Krita, though, for myself they unfortunately couldn't replace PS just yet.
Will follow this in case someone has a good alternative at hand.


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1 y ago

Hello Andy and dziga,

I assume you are receiving the same community channel as I do and will be reading umpteen grizzles about PS each day.  Some of those problems are likely to be with PS, but I think Andy provided an important clue when he mentioned "cloud".  Theoretically, cloud computing could be a good idea, and for people near a high speed, high capacity cloud support center, and able to access that through high speed internet, it might be, but for most mortals probably accessing an el cheapo cloud supported by computers in a different country via a carrier pigeon internet, problems abound.  At the moment, even Windows has problems all by itself, and keeps complaining that I've changed my password.  Word and Excel also have similar glitches to those infesting PS.  When the operating system brings everything to its knees, it isn't surprising that any useful program we want to run keeps falling over.  I suspect that the elves at Adobe are tearing their hair out trying to run a high speed train on wooden tracks.  I've done all the hardware upgrades and speed enhancing tuning experts recommend, but the problems persist. 

Sorry I've just provided sympathy and empathy but no help.

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1 y ago

I can't really help, either. I've tried a lot of the competition and use some of it regularly. I know many pros who are using other products regularly, but to get features that are missing or not very up-to-date in PS, not because of reliability. They all seem to have some reliability issues, and no program I've found can quite take the place of PS unless you only use some of Photoshop—in which case you need to find for yourself the program that has those features you do use.

And you might be surprised at how a similar program, such as Affinity Photo, can be so different while seeming to be so alike, that you'll be taking a fair bit of your time to get comfortable with the UI and find parity between them. It almost feels worse just because it's so close, yet so far away. I'm definitely not saying don't look. I'm just saying look with a skeptical eye. Be sure to read feature lists and then have the time in your busy schedule to try them all out during the trial period.

Either that or plan, as many of us do, to gradually add the programs that provide something to the mix of features you need, and cobble together a workflow from that until you really know you can live without Photoshop. The competition have a long way to go to catch up—even while being newer, some of their features are better designed (imo). I've read many messages in various places from people who got upset with PS, bought into another program, and only then discovered half the features they needed weren't there AND the program itself wasn't exactly bug or crash free.

But I don't think anybody can tell you what other programs to buy. It depends too much upon what you need to do and if those others do it—and do it reliably. The thing about Photoshop is that it's the Swiss Army Knife of image editors, including allowing a lot of these programs, not to mention truly useful extensions, to plug into PS itself. And the plugins and extensions are a lot of what make it also the 300 pound gorilla. <BG>

And like Mr. Anderson said—there's our OS trampling all over us too.

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1 y ago

Adobe Photoshop has a monopoly which reflects in the way they tread their customers with service and uncooked updates. They really need a competitor to get their act together. Instead of making new programs they should put more time and effort into making Photoshop better.