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Tue, Jun 14, 2016 6:35 PM

Lightroom/Camera Raw: Please support Olympus raw ORI files

Adobe processes and Lightroom imports Olympus raw files with the extension .orf. From both the most recent camera bodies, the E-M10II and the E-M5II.

These cameras also produce high resolution, pixel shifted images. Adobe processes those as well. When shooting raw, however, the Oly camera also produces an initial regular resolution raw. Instead of renaming it and using the ORF extension, however, Oly gives this file an ORI extension. Otherwise it appears to be the same; if one changes the extension to ORF the former-ORI behaves just like an ORF. It works sort of like having a JPEG pair; the ORF and ORI have the same filename.

I'd like Lightroom to import the ORI and leave the extension as is, so that I can manage it within Lr, without having to go through the workaround of renaming the file and extension.


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