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Mon, Jun 23, 2014 3:11 AM


LIGHTROOM: Visual Image Recognition and Facial Recognition

Currently, LR has the ability to recognize duplicate photos via EXIF and photo size only. This makes it difficult to merge multiple photo collections into 1 because it cannot visually recognize similar photos when the EXIF data has been stripped or the size of the photo modified.

Also, when tagging photos with people's names, LR does not have the capability to recognize people's faces. Older products like Aperture and the last few versions of Picasa already have this capability. Even the old version of PS Elements has this ability.

It's very useful because it allows me to add a keyword tag associating an image with a person (i.e. Allison's Birthday), while at the same time tagging Allison specifically and spatially in her photos. So in the future, I can simply pull up all photos of Allison, or all photos associated with Allison in which she might not be present. I currently accomplish this with keywords, but manually tagging every individual in every photo upon every import gets ridiculously tedious. At the same time, keywords do not indicate specific individuals spatially on the photo so if I forget who Allison is compared to her friend Amy, a facial tag would highlight the difference, keywords don't.


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