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Sat, Jun 17, 2017 8:44 PM


Lightroom: Spaces in Filenames - Auto rationalising

I'd like to be able to tick a box in the file-naming dialogues (import, export, rename) which rationalised spaces automatically... this would

1 - make any multiple spaces into a single space
2 - strip leading spaces
3 - strip trailing spaces

I've had problems with spaces being introduced unexpectedly into filenames resulting in all of these (invisible) problems with spaces but there's no way to fix the spacing after the fact either. With a tickbox like this I could prevent the problem or fix it later.

I don't want to do the renaming outside of Lightroom because of the problems losing the catalog information.


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3 years ago

If it is just a few to rename, you can do it in the Library Metadata panel.

Bob Frost