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Sun, Aug 30, 2015 4:30 PM


LIGHTROOM - Exporting and editing in plugins flattens keyword hierarchies

Exporting and adding immediately to the catalog can result in flattened keyword hierarchies.

In addition, using a plugin like HDR Efex Pro via the Export... menu will also flatten the keyword hierarchy in the resultant file (TIFF) that is imported into Lr.

Using Photo>Edit in... and selecting certain other plugins, like those by MacPhun, can produce the same flattening. You are prompted to create a TIFF, which is edited by the plugin, and upon committing the changes the image is imported into Lr with a flattened keyword hiearchy.

In the case of HDR Efex, the flattened hierarchy is separated by carats. In the latter case, by commas.

In both cases the correct hierarchy is actually present in the files; it's written in correct order within the file's metadata in XMP in the proper hierarchy space. For some reason Lr ignores it.

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