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Sat, Aug 10, 2019 9:58 PM

Layers turned black in collage, whole image is now black

I made a collage of six pictures, but now all the layers is black. I can see the picture as a thumbnail in Lightroom, but it looks black in both Photoshop and Bridge. I can't go back in history is PS, what could I have done? I did add "Lightning effects" to all images before saving.
Lightroom thumbnail: 6 pictures that is gone in PS.

Bridge thumbnail: none

Photoshop view:

Photoshop layers: all black..

Any idea?


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2 y ago

Hi Alexander! Was each layer to a linked photo? If yes, then check whether they've been deleted or moved. The only other thing I can think of relates to your last comment regarding adding "Lightning effects" - what did you mean by that? Was that a PS action or plugin? If either, then check if they're responsible: perhaps re-create the collage but save & close it just before adding the Lightning effects (so it gets saved in LR) and then re-open that new collage PSD from LR via Edit a Copy in PS so the saved version can be re-used if the collage turns black again...

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2 y ago

Oh, man, what a relief!  At first I thought the issue report said, LAWYERS turned black in COLLEGE...