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Thu, Jul 19, 2018 4:50 PM


Feature Request --- Transparency support for PNG and SVG files

RE the new July2018 update for Bridge -- Transparency support for PNG and SVG files

I had adapted all my files with transparency to show on the white square background. With the new update, I cannot view my files with transparency on white I change the entire Content background white (yuck).

This new update has really messed with my workflow. Sad face.

REQUEST: I would like the option of turning on a white background for files with transparency, so that it has the same appearance as before the upgrade. There is already an option to Show Transparency Grid. I'd like to see a Show White Thumbnail Background--- or something similar.

Thank you for your consideration, 
Jen White 


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2 years ago

Users waited so many years for this feature, but now when it came with new update of Bridge, someone who implemented it didn't consider to make it optionable. Too bad, as it should be...

 The day it was added I was looking some options to handle it but didn't find any, or I missed?