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Thu, Oct 4, 2018 5:46 PM


Ease migration to a new computer

Hello, Please create a user friendly way to move LRcc, PScc, Bridge, and ACR – and all the settings, preferences, plugins, actions, presets, etc to a new computer. As is, there are incomplete and vague (even contradictory) instructions on how to do so. I understand that the programs will each need to be installed individually, and that there are going to be major differences between the programs. However, I would think for each program there could be ONE export/import dialog with the options for presets, preferences, settings, actions, etc that would largely automate the process in its entirety. There might be some conflicts such as directories that don’t exist that could be brought to the attention of the user to fix, but somehow it really should be much easier than it is now.

Thank you.


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2 years ago

I agree.

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2 years ago

Yes! At least all settings should be stored in the cloud, to start.

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2 years ago

If you're using a Mac, this is easy.  Simply connect your Macs together via Thunderbolt and restore the old Mac onto the new one.  The result is your new Mac now has all of the programs and settings from the old Mac (which remains intact)—however, they are now set to run on the new Mac.  (I just did this back in March when I moved everything on my MacBook Pro to my new MacPro trashcan.)

At worst you might have to re-register some programs who have restrictive licensing, but that doesn't apply to the Adobe products.

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Or create a clone using Carbon Copy Cloner and put the clone on the new device. Voilå! As dmeephd said, programs that are tied to the MAC address of the old Mac may ask for you to re-register them.



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2 years ago

Having the ability to export and import a full suite of predefined settings, actions, presets, scripts, and workspaces would be a game changer for medium to large companies that must on board new employees and contractors.

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2 years ago

I use dropbox alot.

An export all settings writing one file per type of settings/presets (or all in a zip) would be so good!

Even if cloud syncing comes back.