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Tue, Aug 27, 2019 4:20 PM

Camera Raw/Bridge: Alters crop ratio of unopened raw files, when they are marked or metadata is added

The camera I'm using is Fuji GFX 50S, I don't know if other cameras have this problem.

I have my camera set to shoot images at a 4:5 frame ratio. It does this by cropping the full image, but it also preserves the edges that are cut off, so the RAW file is actually a full 2:3 frame that is cropped to 4:5.

When I look at the images in Bridge, they're displayed with the 4:5 crop ratio, as shot. But if I label an image with stars or a color, or if I edit the metadata, the crop is deleted and the image previews as the full 2:3 frame. This problem doesn't occur if I've opened the image at least once in RAW.

So, for example, if I have a folder of new images and I want to batch edit the metadata, if I do that, then every image that I haven't already opened in RAW will lose it's crop and won't preview as it was shot. This makes things difficult if I'm trying to apply metadata edits to hundreds or thousands of new images, because I have to open every single one in RAW before editing metadata.

Is there any fix for this?


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2 y ago

I had the reverse of your problem - I was shooting in a cropped mode ("I didn't know this was happening) and when I imported the images into Lightroom, they were all cropped, even as I edited them. So, I think if you import your images into Lightroom to edit the metadata there, your crops will still be there afterwards.
Good luck!